I know what you’re thinking. “Oh great. Just what the world needs. Another generic bleached blonde Fashion (& beauty & lifestyle & ‘omg, Coachella’) Blogger with an oh-so convenient one-syllable name like Lex. (*rolls eyes*)”

Damn, I wish that was true.

To my dismay, I promise you that I am NOT jumping on a private jet today to check out the new Dior Resort collection.  I have NEVER been “cordially invited”  to New York, Paris, London or Milan Fashion Week.  And I can tell you with the utmost disappointment that Karl Lagerfeld has never sent me shit.  There is no facade, there are no luxurious freebies arriving in my mailbox and the only music festivals I have been to are the ones where you are clothed in dirt and patchouli …..not designer garb or daisy crowns. But while I would much rather be writing this on a Yacht in Cannes (which I don’t even know how to pronounce properly) these are the EXACT reasons why I created  LEX & 5th                I made it for the woman who wants to look like they’re ready for a Champagne Brunch……but only with a Bud Light Budget.

LEX & 5th

blogging… after work is done, after my law classes are finished…. at a wooden desk in my room. I am REAL person, just like you. I have a real job, real problems, real hair (ugh) but also, real goals. Compared to the flower head banded beauties at Coachella, I am ordinary, mundane…simple. And So is Lex & 5th. I made it o ut also, a real passion and natural flair for all things Fashion. And until I receive my first invitation to attend The Met Gala or to behold the brilliant collections of Prabal Grunug, Naeem Khan or Alexander Wang, I will still be staring at my computer, clicking furiously through every look from NYFW, hours on end. I literally get carpel tunnel during fashion month.



and then there was Fashion. Fashion is the only passion in my life that I didn’t turn into a conquest. I didn’t need to lose sleep studying the new Spring textiles so I could be the Valedictorian of Vogue. I never pressured to keep up with the newest trends or know how to properly pronounce Yves Saint Laurent. I never even wanted to be a model, one of the most common childhood dreams of young girls. Fashion was never something I needed to win.  And please forgive this next sentence because I know this is going to sound arrogant as hell but I simply cannot describe it any other way.  I never wanted to be master Fashion because honestly…. I felt like I already did. For me, style was as effortless as breathing.


This blog that means more. This is dedicated to the REAL woman. Yes, the real woman. I want to speak and surround myself amongst those fierce, brave bitches who have failed, who have doubted themselves, who have almost given up, but….they NEVER did. Because the real woman knows that failure means “Forward.”

But why fashion? Lifestyle? What the hell does this have to do with being a boss bitch? A so called “Real Woman?”

Because Fashion and Life also move in only one direction. FORWARD.
For me, fashion and my ever-evolving style is my armor. It is my bulletproof vest that gives me the confidence I need and protects me from never-ending stream of hate.

If you want to hop on the rollercoaster and follow me, Lex & 5th, a blog created by a crazy, New York Born & Bred Perfectionist with more humor and sarcasm than one person can withstand…then strut the Runway down the Rabbit Hole. We are all crazy here, but didn’t you know…the best people usually are.


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